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The Best Island tour of Barbados with Williams Tours

Updated: Jun 24, 2020

Jane & Duncan Dempster-Smith have travelled all over the world and run a fantastic blog encouraging other Baby Boomers "To Travel Too".

In 2017 they visited Barbados and Williams Tours was pleased to show them Barbados with our Exotic Barbados Tour. This is a sample of what they thought about it:

Jane & Duncan Dempster-Smith
To Travel Too - Baby Boomers wishing to inspire fellow Baby Boomers
"A perfect way to learn about Barbados today, the people, the rich culture and history is to travel on an Island Tour of Barbados with Williams Tours.

“The Rooster Man” collected us from the Bougainvillea Beach Resort, one of Barbados Hotels,  at the designated time of 8.00am.  We did not catch his real name only that we were to know him as the “Rooster Man”. We heard the sound of a rooster crowing and naturally thought it was a special horn on the bus.

It wasn’t till we had stopped at an intersection a few miles down the road that we realized the ‘crowing’ actually came from him, which totally bewildered the rooster that was crossing the road at the intersection!

(No chicken crossing the road jokes, here please).

The passengers on the bus broke out in giggles as the live rooster replied back!  During the day when it was time to get back on the bus – a rooster crowing hurried us back on board!

Apart from making one of the best sounds we have heard from a “rooster” – the Rooster Man was a hive of information on all things Barbados. This was a tour of not only important historical moments and places but of local information from a local who has lived his whole life on the island.

We headed towards Bridgetown Barbados and along the way learned about the pomegranates growing here and their medicinal properties and how breadfruit arrived from Fiji...

...Up past the historical Garrison area, Britain’s largest military complex in the Caribbean, which was listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2011 we drove and then down past the shimmering waters of Carlisle Bay and into Bridgetown.

[Another] stop was the Animal Flower Cave.  Along the way, The Rooster Man explained about the local flora and fauna on this part of the island.  

The Animal Flower Cave is situated at the most northerly part of the island.  There were pools in the cave that you could swim in.  For those of us who didn’t visit the cave, there were great photo opportunities of the dramatic sea cliffs and the ocean...

We would like to thank “The Rooster Man”, Raquel and Scott for hosting us on their Exotic Barbados 80 mile tour.  We highly recommend this tour to anyone who is visiting the beautiful island of Barbados.  You will come away with a memorable experience, an understanding of the people of Barbados and a taste of local Caribbean fare.


Exotic Barbados Tour

Enjoy miles of amazing beaches, sites and more...


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